About Us

RÖHRBORN is a boutique law firm with deep expertise in all corporate law matters. We advise founders, companies and investors in corporate transactions such as financing rounds, M&A, restructruing and corporate litigation.

We are particularly specialized in handling venture capital and private equity deals.

RÖHRBORN’S dynamic and experienced team of  lawyers have gained their legal foundation at large international law firms before joining the team at RÖHRBORN.

While we meet the high-quality standards of larger corporate law firms, our entrepreneurial approach is pragmatic, innovative and focused on problem-solving.

During their careers our partners at RÖHRBORN have gained both the legal perspective as lawyers and the economic perspective as entrepreneurs and/or investors.


For startup and growth companies, we often function as everyday sparring partners for founders and management, contributing to strategy and business development as well as legal issues with our experience and extensive network.

We represent large corporations in innovation investment strategies, corporate VC activities and complex transaction and project management.

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Munich is home to one of the best German tech Universities and provides for the second largest startup and emerging growth community in Germany.

During the 1990s, Munich became the cradle of the so-called new economy in Germany featuring the highest density of innovative tech companies, venture capitalists and private equity and other forms of investment funds. Our Munich Office has been the headquarters of RÖHRBORN since it was established here in 1995.



Germany’s capital has grown substantially in the last 20 years and has the most startups and the largest entrepreneurs’ ecosystem in Germany. To cater best to this community, we opened our office in Berlin in 2016.


We are best positioned to exceed your expectations because …

RÖHRBORN stands out from other law firms in that we, as individual personalities, offer a broader background of experience than can usually be found in traditional law firms.